Auto Technology

Contact:   Mr. Sam Perryman    Phone: 334-794-1436

What You Will Be Able To Do:                    

  • Understand the practical workings and theory of the modern automobile systems
  • Clean and operate engines, carburetors, and injector systems
  • Test and service auto systems such as climate control, suspension, steering, brake engine cooling, and electronics
This program provides students with a range of knowledge and skills in automotive service. Students learn to diagnose and repair electrical and electronic systems, work on electrical accessories and brake system operations, diagnosis, and repairs, etcAuto Technicians must have good math, science, and investigative skills to know how to diagnose and read manuals and follow directions as well as communicate with customers.

Earning Potential:  Most full-time automotive service technicians earn between $20,000 and $60,000 a year, with a median of about $34,000 a year. However, highly skilled technicians, shop forepersons, and managers can earn much more-up to $100,000 a year in some cases.

College and Related Education:  Most shops require their mechanics to have certifications. Those who are not yet certified must work under the supervision of a certified mechanic. To become certified as mechanic you must complete a program at a certified school and pass written, oral, and practical exams. Programs are available across the country at trade schools and 2-year and 4-year colleges. Many programs result in an associate or a bachelor's degree. A high school diploma is generally required for admission.

One-year certificated programs in Automotive Technology and two-or four-year technical degrees in Automotive Technology are available on the post-secontary level.  The GM Automotive Service Educational Program and Ford Automotive Service Educational Program provide additional training. 

Students enrolling in the Wallace College program may receive articulation credit for the successful completion of the DTC Automotive Technology Program.

Automotive classes available at DTC: 

  • Automotive Electronics Systems I & II
  • Automotive Engine Perfomance I & II
  • Automotive HeatingHVAC 
  • Automotive Brakes.