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Course Descriptions

09051G1001 Army JROTC Leadership Education and Training I (LET 1) (1 Credit)

This is a course which includes basic introductions and instruction in subject areas such as leadership theory, drill and ceremonies, first aid, map reading, and land navigation, oral and written communication, rifle marksmanship and safety, personal hygiene, military history, and service orientations.

09051G1002 Army JROTC 1b  (1 Credit)

This course is designed to develop an understanding of leadership traits and principles, citizenship, oral communication, physical fitness, health/wellness including drug prevention and CPR, motivational techniques such as “Unlocking Your Potential” and an awareness of military history. 

09052G1001 Army JROTC Leadership Education and Training II (LET 2) (1 Credit)

This course includes the study of wellness, fitness and first aid, drug awareness, ethical values and principles of good citizenship in American history and Government. Demonstrate knowledge of drill, map reading and physical training, with emphasis on methods of instruction. 

Prerequisite: Army JROTC I

09052G1002 Army JROTC 2b

This course is designed to develop proficiency in health/wellness and CPR techniques and an appreciation for self-awareness techniques (“Winning Colors”), modern technologies, career opportunities, and the role of the U.S. Army, military history, and physical fitness. 

Prerequisite: Army JROTC 1b

09053G1001 Army JROTC Leadership Education and Training III (LET 3) (1 Credit)

This course includes the study of leadership strategies, the foundation of success, managing conflict, career planning, financial planning, citizenship in American history, and government with continued practical work in leadership, drill, technology awareness, and methods of instruction. map reading and physical training.

Prerequisite: Army JROTC II

09053G1002 Army JROTC 3b

This course develops an understanding of the justice system (military and civilian), the role of the U.S. Armed forces, safety (hunting and boating), orienteering, physical fitness, new technologies, military history, and motivational learning techniques such as “Power Learning."  

Prerequisite: Army JROTC 2b

09054G1001 Army JROTC Leadership Education and Training IV (LET 4) (1 Credit)

This course cadets must demonstrate leadership potential as a role model, coach, counselor, management skill, and assistant instructor. Study service to the Nation and financial planning, with continued practical work in drill, technology awareness, physical training, and command and staff principles. Cadets may only take Level IV course with the approval of the Senior Army Instructor and Army Instructor.  

Prerequisite: JROTC III and Instructor Approval

09054G1002 Army JROTC 4b

This course develops proficiency in command and staff procedures, physical fitness, military parades and ceremonies, citizenship, science, and new technologies and communications. Students must demonstrate the ability to speak to large audiences, perform staff briefings and prepare staff reports, write resumes and cover letters, and complete job applications. They must also apply problem-solving/decision-making skills in leadership and supervisory positions of authority.  

Prerequisite: Army JROTC 3b.

09997G1001 Senior Career Pathway Project - Gov Public Admin (1 Credit) 12th Grade Only

A course designed for students who have completed a minimum of two career and technical education courses to select an area of interest; engage in an in-depth exploration of the area; employ problem-solving, decision-making, and independent learning skills; and present a culminating pathway project before a selected audience.

Prerequisite: JROTC III and Instructor Approval