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Courses and Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Industry Credentials: Certified Pharmacy Tech, others to be determined

14002G1001 Honors Foundations of Health Science (1 Credit - Also counts as Health Credit)

Fee:  $15

A foundational course that introduces students to integrated academics, employability and career development skills, legal and ethical issues, communications, safety, and life skills.

Prerequisite: Highly recommended student be enrolled in advanced science

14252G1002 Honors Principles of Biomedical Science-PLTW (1 Credit)

Fee: $15

A course that involves the study of human medicine, research processes, and an introduction to bioinformatics. Students investigate the human body systems and various health conditions.  

Prerequisite: Highly recommended student be enrolled in honors science

Prerequisite:  Principles of Biomedical Science

14299G1001 Honors Human Body Structures and Functions – Science credit eligible (1 Credit)

Fee: $15

A one-credit course designed to help students learn care content that emphasizes the structure and functions of cells, tissues, organs, organization of the human body systems, and medical terminology. Scientific processes, problem-based learning, and critical thinking are integral parts of the course.

14299G1002 Honors Human Body Systems-PLTW (1 Credit)

Fee: $15

A course that focuses on human physiology: how the body systems work together to maintain internal balance and good health. (Honors Human Body Systems can count as an Honors Anatomy Credit)  

Prerequisite: Principles of Biomedical Science

14299G1003 Honors Medical Interventions-PLTW (1 Credit)

Fee: $15

A course that provides students with experiences in investigating various medical interventions that extend and improve the quality of life, including diagnostics, surgery, bio-nanotechnology, pharmacology, prosthetics, rehabilitation, and life cycle choices. Prerequisite:  Principles of Biomedical Science

14255G1000 Honors Biomedical Innovation-PLTW (1 Credit)

Fee: $15

A capstone course that allows students to design and conduct experiments related to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease or illness. Students will present the results of their work to an audience that may include representatives from the local healthcare or business community or the school's partnership team.

Prerequisite:  Principles of Biomedical Sciences

14999G1000 Honors CTE Lab in Health Science (1 Credit)

This one-credit course is an extended laboratory experience to address the advancement and specialization of careers within Health Science through individualized or small group instruction. This course allows students to enhance the essential and intermediate skills learned through program courses within the career cluster and prepare for industry credentialing opportunities.

14152G1001 Honors Pharmacy Technician (1 Credit)

Fee: $15

Pharmacy Technician is a one-credit course that prepares students for the Pharmacy Technician Certification exam and a pharmaceutical career. The course covers content related to medicine, federal requirements, patient safety, quality assurance, and order processing. 

Prerequisite: Foundations of Health Science

14997G1000 Honors Senior Career Path Proj-Health Science (1 Credit)

A course designed for students who have completed a minimum of two career and technical education courses to select an area of interest; engage in an in-depth exploration of the area; employ problem-solving, decision-making, and independent learning skills; and present a culminating pathway project before a selected audience.