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Courses and Course Descriptions

410011 Safety and Health Regulations

1 Credit

In this one-credit course students gain valuable information that serves as a foundation for further study in this area. Students learn the importance of

government and industry regulations as well as individual responsibilities for performing activities from a safety perspective. Students identify common

safety hazards found in the workplace and their role in minimizing and avoiding unsafe practices. Specific topics include flammable and combustible

liquids, egress and fire protection, electrical safety, environmental control, machine guarding, tool safety, first aid, hazard communication, personal

protective equipment, walking and working surfaces, and material handling and storage. 

Prerequisite: None

Course Fee:  None

430004 Architecture, Construction, and Manufacturing 

1 Credit

Architecture, Construction, and Manufacturing is the foundation course for the Architecture and Construction career cluster. This course may be offered to

students in Grades 9-12; however, it is not required for entering a specific pathway. Course content provides students with an overview of the Architecture

and Construction career cluster, which contains three pathways—Construction, Design and Preconstruction, and Maintenance and Operations.

Students who choose to complete a pathway in the Architecture and Construction cluster are engaged in challenging curricula and develop technical skills

in the areas of safety, related mathematics, usage of hand and power tools, blueprint reading, basic rigging, and basic employability skills. 

Prerequisite: Safety and Health Regulations

Course Fee:  None

412101 NCCER Building Construction 1 - Construction Framing

1 Credit

412102 NCCER Building Construction 2 - Site Preparation

412103 NCCER Building Construction 3 - Construction Finishing

1 Credit