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Health Science

Instructors: Joni Brewer and Amanda Walding


CTSO Fee: $15 per year + fees for each course

Credential: Patient Care Technician

The Health Science program prepares students to provide healthcare services for the community. The purpose of the program is to provide high school students with:

  • Introduction into the healthcare system, Assistance in making career decisions, Learning technical skills necessary in the health care field, Entry-level employment in a healthcare job, Acceptance in a post-secondary healthcare program, and Developing students' leadership skills

The Health Science cluster classroom provides a safe and appropriate setting for student exploration and assessment. The first course is Foundations of Health Science, which exposes students to healthcare basics, including careers, first aid, CPR, etc. Students who successfully complete the first two courses, Foundations of Health Science and Therapeutics, are eligible to apply for the Health Science Internship. The internship allows students to explore deeper into the pathophysiology of the human body systems and healthcare fields. Students also have the opportunity to shadow in their areas of interest in various locations in the community.

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